TKB-TSM02 4 in 1 slim multi-sensor (PIR,Temp,Lux,Door)

TSM02 - PIR (Motion Sensor), Door/Window Contact, Temperature, and Illumination sensors.
Manufacturer: TKB Home
$110.00 incl tax

TKB Home - TSM02 4 in 1 Sensor

  • PIR to Track movement
  • LUX sensor to know light levels
  • Heat sensor to know room temperature
  • Contrat sensor to know if window/door is open

Using this device in conjunction with other z-wave devices you can do things as simple as turn on a light when someone moves, or turn on your airconditioning when the temperature is below a certain level.

Multi-sensors pack a lot of control into one very small package.

Battery required: 1 x 3v CR123 (Sold seperatly)


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