Remotec Z-Wave-to-AC IR Extender

Control your "remote" heat pump from your smart home gateway, allowing you to turn your basic programming heat pump into a state of the art home air-conditioning system.
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The ZXT-120 is a Z-Wave to air-conditioner (AC) IR Extender and it works with our Vera3 z-wave controller by translating Z-Wave’s Thermostat commands to AC IR control code.

Users can set the IR code from the built-in code library of ZXT-120 through the configuration commands, or use the learning function of ZXT-120 through the UI on the gateway. ZXT-120 also has a builtin temperature sensor that allows it to report your room temperature to the home gateway. It can be utilized to control or monitor your room temperature by your smart phone or PC while you are at office, home, or anywhere around the world.

Supports nearly all models of heat pumps supplied in New Zealand. For units not supported a manual configuration can be done.


Battery required: 3 x AAA (Sold seperatly)

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