Aeotec Minimote (Black)

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The Black Aeotec Minimote is a low cost remote controller focused on end-user ease of use.
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Manufacturer part number: DSA03202B
Manufacturer: Aeotec
$85.00 incl tax

Black version of the Aeon Minimote

Although simplicity and user experience is the primary focus, the full range of Z-Wave remote controller capabilities are left intact for the advanced user. Network installation is vastly improved via the interface. The Minimote is upgradeable by the end-user such that the latest Z-Wave protocols are always available. An internal lithium battery allows for months of usage and is recharged via USB.

z-wave scene controller

Full scene control.
Each button on Minimote can do more than just turn things on and off or brighten and dim lights. Instead they can control entire scenes, turning multiple devices on and off at once.

z-wave remote

Z-Wave inside.
Each Minimote is powered by the same technology and intelligence that binds all of Aeotec’s products: Z-Wave.

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