Aeotec NanoMote Quad

The Aeotec NanoMote Quad Four Button Use on Keyfob or chain
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Manufacturer part number: ZWA003-B
Manufacturer: Aeotec
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NanoMote Quad - 4 Buttons

Smart homes are all about control. Automated control. Responsive control. Voice control. App control. And, of course, remote control.

NanoMote One and NanoMote Quad are home control simplified for the whole family.

Can be ued on Key Fob or Chain


What NanoMotes can control.

nanomote appliances nanomote lights nanomote electronics nanomote music nanomote curtains nanomote wholehome
Appliances. Lights. Electronics. Music. Curtains. Your whole home

Depending on you controller the Nano Mote can be used as a trigger to control almost anything.



z-wave key fob remote control


Perfectly upgraded.

nanomote wireless

Perfect wireless range.
NanoMotes are designed to be used inside your home and outside of it. To make that possible, they need a wireless signal optimised for distance. NanoMote One and NanoMote Quad can communicate over distances of 328 feet / 100 metres, with signals repeated via Z-Wave when NanoMotes can’t communicate with your gateway directly.

nanomote battery

Perfect battery life.
Aeotec knows the importance of rechargeable batteries in remote controls; it was the foundation of our best-selling MiniMote. Both NanoMote One and NanoMote Quad build upon that, offering an even more compact battery with up to 6 months battery life alongside easy 5 hour recharging via USB.

nanomote usb

Rechargeable and replaceable.
NanoMotes can be easily recharged via USB; but all batteries eventually get a shorter life span. When that happens, there’s no need to replace your NanoMote. Simply remove the backplate, insert a new LIR2450 3.6 volt battery, and full, rechargeable battery life is yours again.


nanomote outdoors

Ready for outdoors.
Designed to be portable, NanoMotes are ready for outdoors. Engineered to the IEC’s IP54 standard, NanoMotes have been crafted with resistance against accidental exposore to water splashes and dust.

nanomote z-wave

Cutting edge Z-Wave.
So that they can control so much of your smart home, NanoMote One and NanoMote Quad are crafted with Z-Wave Plus inside. That lets them control Z-Wave devices from any manufacturer along with older devices no matter which generation of Z-Wave they were built with.

nanomote s2

Cutting edge security.
They can control entrances to your home such as garages and door locks, and they do so securely. Each NanoMote includes Z-Wave S2, enhancing the remote control with 3 separate layers of security to help stop hacking, cloning, and unauthorised control.

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