200HP Mercury Outboard - EV project

This is a conversion of a 200HP Mercury outbord to electric

We sources a 200HP Mercury Leg, that had blowen its power head

And luckly a 150hp and 200HP has same shape cowing so we had a lid for it also.

Progress Photo


The out board will be tried out on our protype boat, will have twin motors and use one side petrol to be able to go out and trail range

At the moment when we try to do spin control we blow the fuse on, Guessing it could be issue with the inverter may not be as good as told from wrecker.


1938 Morris 8 Sport - EV Project






This one will be fun to drive, its a 1938 Morris 8 Sport, a 2 seater convertable. Its actual in rather good condition.

Starts and drives about and been stored in a farmers shed since 1986

The plan is to tidy up and get re-vined to be legal in NZ again

Then will remove the ICE engine and replace with EV engine.


First thing sort the brakes out so can stop as well as drive about

We checked all the brake lines and seemed good, was new hoses going to each wheel.
But checking the master cylinder, it was dry and the state of it was very bad.

Then explains the pedal not working at all, so removed the Master cyclinder and sent off to get over hauled.


And it came back looking like new, had leaks in the tin repaired and new linning on the boar.
Should get another 80 year out of this part.


Now have to bleed the brake lines again, and see if now can get a solid pedal.



Some body work to get the door to stay shut when driving with out the string holding it shut

The frame is woodern in these cars and the catch on the driver door will need some attention.

The door just wont stay shut when driving,


Indicator lights

Some one has put some strange indicator on to the bumpers, so not original.

Will just have to get the to work so can get the car legal again

Should of actual have trafficator that came out of the side, will see if can get some of them again


Well it has a wipper motor and it works, but no wiper arm, luckly found one behind the dash and look rather good still.



1949 Austin A40 Devon - EV project

 1949 Austin A40 Devon EV project


This was purchased with the engine and gear box removed.

Which was good as we would of done that any way.


Have done a test fit and the EV motor will fitt in the space

So engine mound will need to be fibracated

We have also made a coupling to allow connection on to the leaf output shaft so connect on to a new longer drive shaft.


So it will have no gear box and drive the back diff directly.




1956 Land Rover Series 1 (107") Safari Station Wagon - EV Project

1956 Land Rover Series 1 (107") Safari Station Wagon - EV Project


It has a old holden 206 petrol 6 sylinder egine, So lets get the wings off and remove that old ICE.


Then we test fit the new EV motor, and also did some paper templates of the adapator plates. 



Compare of old vs new



Is plenty of space the motor seem to be about 1/2 the size of the old motor. But the leaf inverter has about a 120mm over hang so need to split that off so it can be off set back. So we take off the top section and lose the over hang. Top is the charger and junction box for all connection, plus it acts as a alternator to do dc to dc charging of the 12v Aux battery. Its only 2 HV wires connected from it so easy to relocate.

Some more paper testing to get the cad correct and then we cnc some plates and connect a series belhousing on to out leaf motor.

We did not use the 6 cylinder belhousing and sourced a 2.25 petrol engine bell houses and we have now made plate for adapating to 2.25,2.5, TDI and TD5





1985 Land Rover Defender - EV Project

1985 Land Rover Defender - EV Project

Note: We have not work out where best to load video to share so will be coming soon and you may seen note about where video going.


And it all starts now. Just picked up a x-military land rover.
The drive home was fun when ever you went over 60km / hr the alarm came on.
Seem that military not allowed to drive to fast



Just took it last drive forward as an ice.
Got till this evening to remove ICE components from car before rain comes.


Well I did not bet the rain but I did bet the daylight.
Engine, exhaust fuel tank all out.
Still second rear fuel tank to remove and lots other thinks like fuel filter air filters etc.
Will get fly wheel and clutch off now and start to adapt it to leaf motor now.
Very greasy now but only needed grinder once for two nuts to get front panel off.
6 March 11am
Making progress removing all parts off motor. 
Starting now to remove exhaust
Now mostly de-iced.
It's funny to think this is progress
Just gone 8pm
Just managed to get fly wheel and engine bell housing

7 MARCH 2021:

just drilling holes in old engine bell housing so can connect to leaf motor.
Saves lot of work using the one off engine and give space need to still have fly wheel and clutch. The plate I made has face of motor drill already so just putting bolts in place so can hold while drill the ring adapter plate holes
9am Sunday just drilling out old engine bell housing to connect to adapter plates.
Weight of engine is just over 220kg.
Lot a weight in front. Which is why the Land Rover now sitting high at front.
That with no starter, alternator or power steering pump on it.
Radiator and oil cooler would all add to it

7 MARCH 2021: 11AM SUNDAY.

Just completed drill lots of holes in a perfectly good engine bell housing. So now just need to clean up sharp edges and bolt plates together.
[video drilling out] 10:53am
Removing center of housing so no in way of my coupling. High tech with 1 million holes to make ba very imperfect hole.
5:53pm : Bugger flywheel too far in on coupling.
Need to come out about 5mm as rubbing on housing and also wont work for clutch travel.
Try again.
Its a measurement from the face of the flywheel out to the face of the bell housing that the gearbox goes on to.
Fixed the spacing issue on flywheel
Now just need a thrust bearing and then I can try connecting it back to the gear box.
9:23pm : Fixed the spacing issue on flywheel
Now just need a thrust bearing and then I can try connecting it back to the gear box.
Few people have been asking about the connection to the gear box, so added in more info about it below.
We have taken the belhousing off a original ICE motor, and made plates to connect that on to the Nissan leaf motor. (Gen 1 and Gen 2 Nissan Leaf motor)
(Photos below from a 2.25 not this 2.5 deisel)
And then we have made a coupling that slides on to the Nissan Leaf spline.
Where it has the shape and profile so that we can end up with the flywheel off the original motor being in same relative place from the engine bellhousing.
So means we still have clutch, and get to bolt now direct on to the existing gear box.
The coupling has a pressed bearing behind it that press against the engine plate,
This means tha when pressing the clutch is not putting extra force against the nissan shaft.
And a retaining plate used to stop coupling sliding back.
March 8
[Finn removing stuff]
Video for those that want it

9 MARCH 2021: 9:30AM TUESDAY

Im waiting on a parts to turn up in post, a $10 copper bush the spigot bearing to go in to coupling for gearbox shaft to line up to.
Mean while I check what have taken out and been selling them off.
320kg removed so far in weight from taking out the ICE stuff.
Plus I drained about 75litres of diesel from front fuel tank.
My other defender now temporally storing it.
So that would be about 400kg removed.
Still have to remove rear tank and lots of small things like filters and fuel lines


320kg removed so far in weight from taking out the ICE stuff.
Plus I drained about 75litres of diesel from front fuel tank.
So that would be about 400kg removed.
Still have to remove rear tank and lots of small things like filters and fuel lines
14 March
Sunday 14th march 8pm.
Did not get much time this weekend.
But managed to get battery out of the leaf today. And just complete putting clutch and flywheel on.
Now sitting in front of defender and will connect to gearbox tommorow.
Monday 15 March 11:30.
It's in connected to gearbox.
Look at all that space still
Will need to make front engine mount. Block of wood under it for now.
 15 march 8:30pm
[Video of motor in to defender]
Just put the leaf motor in the defender today
A lite bit of back and forward to get clutch lined up but not bad effort for the morning.
17 March 10:16am
Battrery Oppened
Time to strip the battery.
Already noticed few different.
This thing is 30kw pack.
About 290kg this time.
And it's different modules inside
Battery box empty 2:28pm
27 March 
27th March 2021
Just been making up some new battery boxes
Have made out of Ali checked plate
As easy to come by and the Ali will help cool the batteries.
Have cut a hole in front section of the tub,
And can put two set of batteries in this location.
And when dropped down I will make a seat come around to cover the boxes.
And have managed to get two on the side in to tool box lockers.
Will have to complete the sealing of the boxes, is just done to check sizes do far. They just been folded and will be sealed and pot riverts used, May be better to weld next time.
If you had the time and want to get fancey could get them all under the tray but im going for easy access. And they done in boxes now that means I can lift them not one large lump. Does mean I have more wiring to make safe though to join them all
28 March 5:26pm
Just been working out the leaf pedal box
So that can fit on to the new car.
Actual simple once spending hours working out the wiring and code to read it.
Has two sensors in it,
One ranging from 0-12v other is 0-5v range
Im using the 0-12v reading give more variants
What I noticed was that nissan getting cheap and saving money. The older 2015 pedal box has cast aluminum and the new 2017 leaf has press steel with few welds.
Will work out own version now to fit in to defender
Might hack up the 2017 version one as easier to weld new plates on to and then bolt in to defender.
16 April 2021
Have made up the first of the 4 boxes now
Time to wire up and then fix lid on.
They have been sealed
And have m6 rod going through them to keep under compression.
Will work on other three and engine mounts now also.
Its only attached to gear box for now.
And im using checker plate as it looks cool
But also will help with keeping the batteries cool when charging.
17 April 2021 6:37pm
Start to build up a new controller
And plugs to connect to battery box
Will have to find a nice box to put it in
18 April 2021
Finished putting board together and mapping on the top relay board for things that need to control.
(DUAL CAN and other things on lower board)
Will start connecting the battery wires now
That is what have to be careful to connect correctly as if you get the pre charge messed up then you will get a large spark and blow the service disconnect fuse.
So what ever setup up you're using make sure its HV fused.
I blow the HV relay and fuse when software was in wrong order prior.
20 April 2021 - Bugger just blew the fuze and relay in the HV battery again. Smells like ozone in garage.
Not sure what did wrong yet
Will have to figure that out after fixing it
3 May 2021 - Just working on new battery boxes and mounting them in Landy.
Have folded up 4 boxes now
They all seal up and and I have rod through them to keep under compression.
Just need to put batteries in other two and then start cabling.
HV wiring easy, but all the cell sensors wires will take some care just as so many.
3 May 2021 - Good day all batteries in boxes now
Need to make lids for them tomorrow
And have cleaned out and paint the side locker where two of them will go.
Will just close off that gap on bottom tomorrow to reduce dirt traps
4 May 2021
Just taken the wings off
Needs some work on the fire wall
Small holes nothing major but one above pedal box so have to take accelerator off.
Was going to any way, see if can get the leaf one to work in place.
Just water blasted what I can get to on chassis and bulk head
Plan to under body spray to make look nice again and protect it. Chassis good just small section at rear need clean up
[Wings off side]
Side image for those wanting it
[Screw Driver]
Ohh and I found a screw driver
If some one in Singapore military is looking for it still.
You left it on firewall behind the wing.
Your welcome to have it back 😉
Its in Auckland NZ now
4 May 2021
Time to wire up the new battery box configuration
Only a 144 connection to get to work again