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EV Help - Accelerator pedal sensors (Nissan Leaf and Curtis PB-8)

Using Nissan Leaf accelerator in you EV project

Lots of nissan leaf's about so its an easily avilable parts to get hold of.
The pedal assembly is rather large and bulky with its design for nissan leaf
And comes with the brake attached


The accelerator sensor can be remove and not so large then to work with.


Can then fabricate a new holder for it to suite your project
Some plates that may help:


The wiring for the sensor has two output,
A 0-5v range and 0-12v range
So can use either or both in your project,
this is the wiring information on the nissan leaf accelerator sensor:



Using Curtis PB-8 throttle sensor on a conversion

Curtis PB-8, is a good option also
If you dont want to change the accelerator pedals (or for a boat)
Then this style can be used and operated by a cable

  • 3-wire throttle sensor (Potbox) 
    (which can also be used with 2 wires)

  • Its a 0-5k Resistor

This is the wiring information on PB-8 three wire sensor: