Posted: 2 years ago

Pondering a setup for home security given of late there have been a couple break ins nearby.I was thinking about just buying a couple 'dummies' if I could find something that looks legit with a flashing red light or some such but then thought, maaaybe an actual solution exists.To that end I came across Arlo (by Netgear) and Blink xt (now owned I gather by Amazon). So, solves my dilemma of getting power to cameras outside the house which is the biggest issue and no need for some kind of audio/video setup to get it to the computer. Now I gather these things just do video when motion is detected and then upload it to the cloud but that seems fine I guess. I am thinking mainly a light activated by motion, something that looks camera like as a deterrent and then video as a final nice bonus (the reality is, if broken into, at best I am figuring pics of the perp so mainly looking for deterrent effect).Now, neither of these ship to Hong Kong (not sure if that is a rechargeable battery issue or something to do with data retention and cloud storage when a user isn't in a given and specified market).So, anyone with experience with either of these or something better? Not fussed about cost per se, need say 2 to 3 'units', battery powered and good for a decent whack of time, wifi.Thoughts, experiences, loaner rottweilers?

Please help.

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