Thursday, February 25, 2021 12:27:55 PM

Smanos K2 SmartHome DIY Kit

Posted: one year ago
I have a Smanos K2 Smarthome Kit, which works with ZWave Compatible devices - I bought a Fibaro KeyFob, Which I have managed to Include it to the K2 Home Base Kit using the Inclusion option.

I can see the KeyBob under Accessories as a ZWave Device.

All I need is help to program the Buttons on the KeyBob to Arm/Disarm/SOS the Smanos K2 Security Base.

Options I see when I click on the KeyBob is as Follows
Association :

Can anyone help me Program the keys on the KeyFob to Arm/DisArm/SOS button?
If you can manage to help me program one button to Trigger an SOS on my Security K2 Base, I can manage the rest.
Posted: one year ago