Fibaro Double Relay Switch (2 x 1.5kw)

Fibaro on / off double relay switch is designed to be installed behind standard wall switch or anywhere else where it is necessary to operate two circuits up to 1.5KW each.
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Manufacturer part number: FGS-222
Manufacturer: Fibaro
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Fibaro Double On/Off Relay Switch is designed to be installed in standard wall-switch, or anywhere else where it is necessary to operate two independent devices of  up to 1.5kW each. Fibaro Double On/Off Relay Switch can switch on or off connected devices either through z-wave or through the local wall switch connected directly to it.  

Easily transform your existing light switch to an automated one or use it to control other electric appliances like pumps, motor, sprinklers etc .  This is a 3 wire device requiring a live and neutral connection.  The switching relay contacts are isolated so it can also be used to switch low voltage DC circuits.  Both relays share a common input terminal so both loads must operate on the same supply whether AC or DC. Its compact size means that it can be fitted inside wall boxes if there is sufficient depth or it can located anywhere between the switch and load.  

♦ Control On/Off control of home lighting and can handle two separate circuits
♦ Ease of use and installation by qualified electrican only
♦ Optimised antenna range for indoor use, up to 20m
♦ Max 1500W each circuit 240V
♦ Z-Wave RF frequency 921.42MHz (Aus/NZ)
♦ Z-wave and manual operations
♦ Integrates with all certified AUS/NZ Z-Wave controllers
♦ Small form factor that can be easily hidden away

Attribute nameAttribute value
Electrician Needed:This device requires a qualified New Zealand electrician to install into the electrical wiring.
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