EV conversion - Nissan Leaf front motor mounting plates

These are 5mm steel plates that can be used to hold up front of Gen 2 Nissan leaf motor
Manufacturer: Active Automation (NZ)
$175.00 incl tax

Steel mounting Plates to hold front of the Gen 2 Nissan leaf 

Comes as 9 cut plates that need to be welded together

In 5mm mild steel unpainted 

Can adust the tabs in and out to change for you engine mount points
Once happy with you setup can weld in place and cut for any adjustments

Cross support bars in photo not included,
its just flat plate 80mm x 5mm think that cut with angles needed

Option also if mount end up behind motor
See last photo how was done in hilux (with out larger plate)

Sugest that you just tack weld in place
Then after all setup
Remove off
And have pro welder complete all welding

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