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Aeotec 4 in1 Multi Sensor

Motion sensor. Humidity sensor. Thermometer. Light sensor.

$115.00 incl tax $75.00 incl tax

Aeotec LED Bulb (Screw fix)

Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Dimmable LED Light Bulb with RGBW (E27 Screw)

$105.00 incl tax

Aeotec MultiSensor 6

MultiSensor 6 is a complete reengineering from the inside out of Aeotec’s 4-1 sensor. It has Thermometer, Light sensor, Humidity sensor, Vibration sensor and UV sensor.

From $87.00 incl tax

Aeotec TriSensor

Three unique sensors crafted into TriSensor’s compact housing. A motion sensor to monitor a room’s occupancy, a temperature sensor to manage its environment, and a light intensity sensor to manage connected lighting. Z-Wave Plus certified. Includes 1 x 3V CR123 lithium battery.

$79.00 incl tax

Fibaro Designer Pack

The Home Centre Lite controller, increadibly compact brain for the FIBARO system. This combined with a powerful multi sensor and door sensor is a superb starting point for your home automation.

$895.00 incl tax

TKB Home - TZ78 Z-Wave on/off insert switch 3000W (13A)

TKB Home - TZ78 Z-Wave on/off insert switch 3000W (13A)

$90.00 incl tax

TKB Home - TZ08 Roller shutter controller

TKB Home - TZ08 Roller shutter controller. designed to switch rise/lower roller shutter connected

$110.00 incl tax

TKB-TSM01 3 in 1 slim multi-sensor (Temp,Lux,Door)

TKB-TSM01 - Door/Window Contact, Temperature, and Illumination sensors.

$90.00 incl tax