Remote Control - Z-Wave Controller

Remotec ZRC-10 Portable Remote control
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Manufacturer part number: ZRC-100
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Manufacturer: Remotec
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ZRC-100 Remotec - Portable Z-Wave Controller

  • Controls full range of Z-Wave certified products
  • Simple and comprehensive user’s interface
  • No internet connection required
  • Accessible to anyone anywhere in your house


  • 100% Z-Wave compliant
  • Easy to configure
  • Works with Z-Wave enabled devices such as:
    – Thermostat
    – Door lock (AES 128 data, encryption)
    – Window Drapes/Blinds/Shades
    – Dimmer
    – Switches
    – Most  split type air conditioners (via Remotec IR extender)
  • Max.  12 scenes
  • Supports multi-channel devices
  • Support “Scan Device” feature
  • Support configuration common class

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