Remotec Z-Wave-to-AC IR Extender (ZXT-600)

Control your "remote" heat pump from your smart home gateway, allowing you to turn your basic programming heat pump into a state of the art home air-conditioning system.
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Manufacturer part number: ZXT600AU
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Manufacturer: Remotec
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The ZXT-600 is a replacment to the ZXT-120, where same features but is now z-wave plus chipset.


The ZXT-120 is a Z-Wave to air-conditioner (AC) IR Extender and it works with z-wave controllers by translating Z-Wave’s Thermostat commands to AC IR control code.

Users can set the IR code from the built-in code library of ZXT-600 through the configuration commands, or use the learning function of ZXT-600 through the UI on the gateway. ZXT-600 also has a builtin temperature sensor that allows it to report your room temperature to the home gateway.

Supports nearly all models of heat pumps supplied in New Zealand. For units not supported a manual configuration can be done.


Battery required: 2 x AA (Sold seperatly)


Full manfacture info here:


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