Turned Leaf Membership

Sorry - this product is no longer available

This is one off member ship access for the Turn Leaf Project
Manufacturer: Other
$100.00 incl tax

Project is still new and growing,  and will continue to have more details as the people project grow and  members size grows.

This is one off membership fee for access for the 'Turn Leaf' Project

Will give you access to

 Google Drive Folder,  Shared Website info, Facebook group all for the members


The goal of the project is to give more people access to the details and recorces to convert their own vehicle from combustion in to an elctric vehicle.

The fee is a one off fee and is non-refundable.

But the files that will have acces to are worth way more than this fee charged.

Like the cad files to allow plates to be cut for the Nissan Leaf Gen 1 electric motor, connect on to Range Rover v8 gear box. Plus details for other gear boxes and boat outboards working on same time.

Also will have acces to details how to direct control the nissan leaf inverter so not needing the complete wiring loam from a Nissan Leaf car.

After fee has been paid, you will be added to a Google Group and then have access.

So when purchasing please reply back to purchase receipt with the email address that want added.