Aeotec Touch Panel for Micro Switch (White)

The Aeotec Touch Panel is a touch sensitive switches that can be used to controlAeotec range of in-wall Z-Wave Micro controllers. NOTE: This product is designed to work with the Aeon Micro controllers only.
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Manufacturer part number: AL001-W-US
Manufacturer: Aeotec
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Replace your existing switch with a modern touch switch. The Touch Panel can integrate with an Aeotec Micro controller 

z-wave touch switch
Touch glass.
It’s the cool touch of glass that greets your every press of the Touch Panel for Micro, and a soft blue light that illuminates from behind it.
electrical switch
Mains powered.
From its touch panel to its soft-blue lights to its wireless technology, Touch Panel for Micro is powered by mains electricity.
 z-wave switch
Replaces existing switch.
Touch Panel for Micro isn’t complex – in fact it uses the same wiring as any switch and Z-Wave micro controller installation. It simply replaces your existing switch.
diy installation
Easy install.
Touch Panel for Micro is simple to install, with only a few, low-powered wires to connect to a Micro controller.

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